Breathe. Just breathe. this is a safe place.


There's no truth here. I'm not a preacher, and I'd fail at being an idol. I've loved telling stories since I couldn't see over a kitchen counter but would watch my grandmother craft pie crust through the nook in her arm. I've always loved humor — humor that challenges our worldview, humor that gets us through hard times, humor that makes us realize our own humanity. And my burden is simple: I believe everything is possible.

I'm from Flint, Mich., originally, but I've moved around a lot -- to Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, California, Spain and Argentina. I've been a journalist, a farmer, a groundskeeper, a librarian, a fast-food worker, a bagboy, a political organizer and a shill.

I've loved and lost then loved again.

Who am I? I'm AM Wilson; I'm wide awake, it's morning. And as Bob Dylan said, "I am a farmer. And whoever heard of a fatalistic farmer?"



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